Can I help even if I don’t study computer science?

Yes! AI Alignment needs technical researchers with experience in CS, math, physics, SymSys, engineering, etc. But it also needs people with all kinds of other backgrounds and skills!

Non-CS/mathy roles

  • Policy work (e.g., public policy, law, international relations, economics) to shape coordination on AI development
  • History of Science and Forecasting research to understand trends in AI development
  • Journalism and science communication to spread awareness and keep decisions makers informed
  • Information and computer security to protect state of the art models from malicious actors
  • Social science (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology) research to answer a whole bunch of important questions
  • Evolutionary biology research to understand selection effects and the development of intelligence
  • Operations and support at organizations working on AI Alignment
  • Neuroscience and philosophy work to better understand how minds work
  • Engineering to create the infrastructure for safe AI development
  • And more, including management and human resources at organizations working on AI Alignment, graphic design or video creation around eduction on these risks

If you were starting college and wanted to get into AI Alignment, we tentatively think these are the programs that would best help you

  • Computer Science
  • Symbolic Systems
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • Mathematics
  • Public Policy
  • International Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Electrical Engineering